Our Story

#ControlTheMeerkat is brain child of founder Danielle Beck. Danielle has been working along side dogs for close to 19years and during this time, she saw more and more dogs that needed more than training. These animals had been through trauma, in a variety of forms and knowing a thing or two about trauma and trauma based disorders in people, she started to research more into affective neuroscience.

Danielle knew from her studies and experience thats stress results in poor learning and trauma can affect memory and memory recall. In these situations safety is the key. Unless an individual feels safe and has all their basic needs met they’re not going to be physically capable of learning.

To truly help these individuals we need to look at more than their behaviour. We need to understand why they’re behaving the way they are. What possible driving forces (including emotional, physical, and neurological) are behind the behaviour, BEFORE, we start any training. 

Image shows a white background with purple and green blocks. there's a brain at the top right and an animated Meerkat to the right. The main pictures are of two dogs showing their teeth. A small bringle dog with floppy ears an a large black german shepherd. The title says 'This is not a cognitive choice' #ControlTheMeerkat

Meet Our Rehabilitation Trainers

Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviour and Control The Meerkat has teamed up with local expert dog trainers ,to provide further support to you and your dogs. All our trainers specialise in rehabilitation for all breeds. We are looking forward to helping you with your dogs and supporting you in your rehabilitation journey.

Clinical Animal behaviourists, Rehabilitation Trainer and Animal Training Instructor.

Rehabilitation Trainer and Animal Training Instructor

Kayleigh Holcroft

Rehabilitation Trainer

Rehabilitation Trainer and Animal Training Instructor

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