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1. RECORDING Frustration & Self Regulation – helping your dog to Control their Meerkat!

Self control, impulse control & frustration tolerance are spoken about a lot in dog training circles, but it’s difficult to move from a training exercise to application in real world scenarios.

In this webinar, Danielle takes you on a deep dive into understanding the impact of frustration on training and behaviour problems. We also look at the theory behind the exercises; the what, why and how.

Using case studies, video’s and discussion we look at exercises to teach dogs to learn to self regulate and apply these skills to real world situations.

Helping dog’s to Control their Meerkat.

2. If In Doubt; Chill Out Course

We all know that life happens and it’s not all fairies and puppy tails; despite our best effort! Therefore, I’ve created ‘Control the meerkat’ to help YOU to understand YOUR DOG and learn all about what you can do to help them to cope, when life happens!

‘If in doubt chill out’ is a relaxation protocol designed by me, to help you, to teach your dog to switch off. We adore those dogs who just love life and doing things! However, as an owner of one of these dogs, it’s difficult to get them to stop and relax, as there’s stuff & things everywhere!

‘If in doubt; chill out’ is a technique i’ve used for years to help dogs to cope with being outside and then stopping. Wether this is because you stopped to talk to someone, needed a sit down, went for a picnic, or stopped for a nice lunch. This is also something I also teach to my assistance dogs, so whenever they go out and they’re in doubt about what to do; they just chill out and now i’m giving these tips to you!

Good luck with your training!


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