Discussions with Danielle – Why dogs bite? (Recorded Session)


Discussions with Danielle are monthly live video session with Danielle discussing different topics of dog behaviour live with owners to help you understand your dog. These are free for community members.

Recorded Live session from Thursday, 12 November 2020





Being bitten by a dog, especially your own dog or feeling like your dog might bite a person or a dog can be an extremely distressing experience. It can often feel like you’re walking on egg shells in your own home and cause a lot of anxiety when on a walk. This is a very worrying experience to go through and is often difficult to understand. This is your opportunity to hear about why dogs might bite and how you can help to manage the situation to prevent further bites.


Discussions with Danielle are monthly live discussions where you can discuss different topics about pet dogs, with a registered clinical animal behaviourist. Meerkat community members have Free access to all discussions and access to the recordings to view in their own time. All who purchase are able to view the recording for 30 days after the event.


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