Case Studies Exposed: Resource Guarding with a Twist!






Join us for a 3 part zoom session, an hour each on Wednesday 13th, 20th and 27th September 2023 7pm BST

Cases Exposed with Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviourist

A Three Part Case Analysis Course : Resource Guarding

All sessions will be recorded and available afterward.

More about the Case Study:

Join us to investigate how resource guarding can present in a live case study session.

Part One : Behind the scenes of a behavioural consult from paperwork to gathering information.

Discussing the possible causes we need to consider and the motivations behind these for a case like this including hormones, genetics, learning history, veterinary history and health.

What information can we gather from the pre consultation information ?

What answers do we need to have to rule in / out the possible causes and
how can we gather the information and evidence for this ?

Part Two: Critiquing the consultation Video part 1 –

As a group we will watch the recorded live consultation and discuss consultation set up, counselling skills, questions and the information gathered.

Do we have a behavioural diagnosis yet? What other information and evidence do we need to gather?

Part 3 – Critiquing the consultation video part 2 –

As a group we’ll watch the final part of the consultation, discuss what went well, what didn’t our thoughts and reflection on how it could be improved.
Are we able to accurately reach a behavioural diagnosis, if not why not? What was the treatment and how effective was it?

£120 per attendee