Canine Professional

This membership has been added by popular demand. This is for canine training and behaviour professionals to come and join the supportive community led by Danielle Beck MSc; share ideas, learn and support each other, as we work with these misunderstood dogs !

All professional memberships get access to the Dog-ter Spock and the Meerkat course too!

What are the benefits ?

Access to the Control The Meerkat Community

Plus additional access to supportive groups for professionals only. Here Danielle and her team can discuss cases with you and share ideas. All are welcome.

Monthly Live video sessions with Danielle

Monthly live video chats with Danielle plus an additional monthly live video chat for canine professional members only, where you can address questions to Danielle live.

Dog-ter Spock and the Meerkat!

Access to the founding course that started off Control the Meerkat and it's associated group.

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