Mentoring Program

Hello there!

Thank you for your interest in joining my mentoring program, I can’t wait to work with you and help you to achieve your pet professional goals !

A reminder of what you get for £69 a month

Weekly peer group video discussions

A private mentorship support group and access to the #ControlTheMeerkat community website.

Everything from the professional membership which includes: *Access to the control the meerkat community forums *  Access to the founding course 'Dog-ter Spock and the Meerkat" * 2 Free discussions and QnA sessions with Danielle a month * Access to private forums and social groups for peer support

This level of membership is ideal for those who would like to connect with other pet professionals to discuss cases and your dogs behaviour in general, students and those wanting to learn more behavioural problems in dogs. If you're looking for more 1-2-1 support alongside the group support, then the mentoring and coaching might be better for you, click HERE

Membership is accessible in ‘terms’ of 3 months. Mentees must commit to 3 monthly instalments of £69. Once the term ends you are welcome to renew for a further 3 months 🙂 

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