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The Assistance Dog Club

A woman in a wheelchair with a dog in front of a radio telescope.

The Control The Meerkat’s Assistance Dog Club is run by Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Assistance dog trainer/handler Danielle Beck, MSc.

The club is a virtual membership to help support you with your Assistance Dog Goals, and offers Monthly virtual group sessions to discuss your needs. You will also get access to online training courses and exercises to assist you with your Assistance Dog Journey.

Depending on your location the option of in person training may also available at a reduced rate.

What you get

  • Monthly group zoom calls to have a chat with other AD trainers and Danielle to help with training goals.
  • Private fb group for additional support and sharing of videos between zoom sessions.
  • Access to our reactive dog community which is filled with instructional videos and ebooks, that can help with self regulation for all dogs.
  • Assistance dog training diary to help you track your training

Join Our Community:

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