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Welcome to #ControlTheMeerkat where you can learn how to ‘help your dog to help themselves. This is a safe place for all with reactive dogs who want to understand more about why their dogs behave the way they do and what they can do to help them.

Practical Advice

Gain practical tips and exercises to help your dog to #ControlTheMeerkat from a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist!

Premium Material

All material has been designed and written by leading industry professionals, following the latest scientific approaches to behaviour modification that works!


Monthly live QnA's and forum discussions to support you and your dog through your rehabilitation

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#ControlTheMeerkat is all about putting the emotion back into canine rehabilitation. Our courses, community, consultation, and rehabilitation plans can help you to do just that!

Be Confident With Our Professional Training​​

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Danielle has been working with and rehabilitating reactive dogs for over 19 years and understands how distressing it can be to live with these dogs. Danielle wants to help as many people as possible to understand why their dogs react the way they do and teach you how you can support them in the situations they struggle to cope in.

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#ControlTheMeerkat doesn't promise a quick fix, or guarantee to 'cure your dogs reactivity'; but it can help to make

Danielle Beck MSc — Founder of Control The Meerkat

We provide a range of learning materials, courses, ebooks, instructional videos and live Q&A’s; So you can effectively manage situations, handle, and train your dog so you can cope in the situations they find difficult. 

You will have access to an ever expanding collection of learning material, and discussion forums, to ensure you understand why your dog reacts the way they do and how you can help them.

Control the Meerkat is owned by Danielle Beck, MSC who has been working with and studying reactive dogs for over 19 years. Her team of rehabilitation trainers are all highly experienced and qualified trainers who work closely with Danielle to help you and your dog. We can’t wait to help to guide you on your rehabilitation journey

Join the community and get involved. Danielle wanted to create a safe place for her clients to feel better supported and to be able to meet others who are in similar situation. This allows owners of reactive dogs to share experiences and support each other through their rehabilitation journey with their dog.



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