The Control The Meerkat community forums are a safe place for anyone living with a reactive dog, to come and feel less alone on their journey. Often we feel isolated and embarrassed by the dogs we love so much, which can leave us with a feeling of isolation. This community is run by Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviourist and her team, who are all here to offer a listening ear and some first aid advice to all that need it. You can share the stories about your dog, with others in a similar boat, so you can share the journey together; rather than alone. Meerkat community members also get exclusive access to the founding course ‘Dr Spock & the Meerkat‘ and a minimum of one live monthly topic discussion, or QnA session presented by Danielle and/or her team, where members get to pick the topics by voting in the community! Members will also have access to the library of all previous live discussions.
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