Active Meerkat

It looks like your dog has an ACTIVE Meerkat!!

Active meerkats calmly engaging in various activities.

By taking this quiz you’ve shown your desire to help your dog learn how to control their Active Meerkat !!

Dogs with Active Meerkats are incredible but can be so tough to live with. These types of dogs often struggle day to day with the little things as well as the big things. They appear to over react to what feels like everything and seem unpredictable, struggling to focus, rest and switch off. This makes living with them really stressful!!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our Self Study Courses are a great start to help your dog with their ACTIVE Meerkat. Giving your dog the skills to start to learn how control their Meerkat.

Step 1 Awareness

Simply taking the time to notice how your dog is feeling can help to put their behaviour and emotions into perspective. By increasing distance between your dog and whatever is upsetting them, you are giving your dog a break and increasing your own awareness of the things that upset them  

Step 2  Take a Proactive Approach

Instead of waiting for your dog to react, or until you reach breaking point seek help NOW. Take a proactive approach to your dogs wellbeing and manage your stress levels together. Take part in activities you both enjoy together and seek guidance from a qualified and experienced professional who can help you. 

Don’t think you have time? Try looking at it as an investment into yours and your dogs future health and happiness !

To help them we need to 'control the meerkat' before we train & we can show you how!
There are Five Main Types of Meerkat That Can Hijack Your Dog.

They often over react to situations and make your dog difficult to control. For Calm Meerkats, it can take a lot to wake them up, but they’re not easy to manage once in control.

A group of calm otters in different costumes that fool and freeze.

We have a supportive community, a bunch of self study courses so you can go at your own pace, and qualified professionals to help you to support your dog, regardless of which Meerkat they have. More is added regularly and we have lots of live conversations and workshops too.

Control The Meerkat Can Help!!

For ‘ACTIVE’ Meerkats we recommended going straight to booking a consultation so we can help you NOW. Click HERE to find out how we can help

If you’re unsure try starting with our ‘Building their B.A.S.E. and foundations’ course. It’s packed with practical exercises and tips to help make a difference now.

If you want to understand more about why your dog reacts the way they do we recommend our ‘Dr Spock & The Meerkat – How the brain affects behaviour’ course. This will help you understand whats happening inside your dogs brain.

Then you can try our FREE ‘Check In Challenge’, to help your dog become more responsive to you on a walk.

Then ‘If in Doubt; Chill Out’; this will help your dog to learn how to calm themselves down in different situations

We also have a selection of downloadable E-Books to help to build your B.A.S.E., your foundation skills, and teach your dog to self regulate.

You can get these individually or gain access to all of them with membership to our community and learning empawrium for only £35 Month! 


Which Meerkat Controls Your Dog?

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