Pet Professionals

Discover the world of Control the Meerkat, your ultimate support system in dog training and behaviour. From comprehensive mentorships, to a diverse empawrium shop, we’ve tailored every resource to uplift your professional journey. Dive in and let’s thrive together!

Navigating the intricate world of dog training and behaviour can be overwhelming, whether you’re seasoned or just beginning. At Control the Meerkat, we understand the emotional toll and complexities of this profession. Our mission? To ensure you never walk this path alone.

Embrace the support, expertise, and community we offer. Elevate your professional journey with Control the Meerkat. Join us today!

Meerkat pet professionals offer mentorship and care support to fellow animal enthusiasts.

Dive deep into a treasure trove of resources. Our memberships, ranging from “Animal Professional” to “Ultimate Animal Behaviourist”, provide exclusive access to community forums, both WEEKLY & MONTHLY live discussions, video tutorials, renowned GUEST LECTURES, and personalised 1-2-2 mentorship.

Learn from leading animal behaviourists and trainers like Danielle Beck, MSc & Gemma Stephen, and get unparalleled guidance for every challenge you face working in this industry. Let us share our combined experience of over 30 years  with YOU 

Not Ready to Commit to a Montly Mentorship - Look at Our Case Discussions

Case Discussions

  • Join any single session at just £45!
  • Get all-access for an entire year with recordings of each session for only £300!

Monthly Support sessions to discuss – 2 hour sessions to cover different topics for those unable to make our regular monthly & weekly, 2 hour mentoring, coaching & peer support group chats. These chats will alternate between a topic or general chats so come and join Danielle and ask questions about your cases and let us help you learn, and feel supported.

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24/7 Rehabilitation Training on Demand

Do you just want to understand, but not yet ready to be part of the mentorship?

From self-paced courses, enlightening webinars to practical client templates, our shop offers a plethora of resources. Understand your clients and their pets better, and empower yourself with the right tools and knowledge.

Just want to chat about your career or discuss a certain case?

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