Behaviour First Aid

Dog Behaviour First Aid

Is your dog driving you crazy? 

Are they exhibiting challenging behaviour that is causing you concern? 

Are you confused by their actions, uncertain whether is a normal behaviour, a passing phase? or a more significant issue?

Do you seek guidance on preventing the situation from escalating?

Are you unsure how to ensure the safety of your family and others around your pets? 

Promotional image for a dog behaviour first aid consult. Features a distressed dog, a stressed woman, and colorful text highlighting issues like pulling, barking, and jumping. Course costs £250.

Introducing our Behaviour 1st AID!! £250

Who is this for?

    • Anyone with a dog who does not have a bite history
    • Anyone struggling and needs some advice on how to best help their dog

This new service is ideal for troubled or teenage dogs who need to learn some life skills and for caregivers who need some initial support and guidance on their dogs behaviour.

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Cost of service

Behaviour 1st Aid – £250

Behaviour 1st Aid Extra -£375

Upgrade to our Behaviour 1st AID EXTRA  £375 and get a 1-2-1 training session (virtual or in person) PLUS 2 months access to our site, including 2 group support sessions

Please note these sessions are not behavioural consultations, nor do they replace them. We are offering this service to help you and your pet stay safe, minimise risk and feel supported. Many dogs can benefit from supportive training, as their reactivity can be supported through training. If we feel your dog needs a more holistic approach that cannot be addressed through training alone, we may recommend a behavioural consultation.

  • What can you expect from this service?

    • Advice on how to safely walk your dog, Including equipment types, their use, and equipment safety.

    • Advice on how to minimise risks in the home.

    • Advice on how to minimise risks when out walking your dog.

    • Advice on how to set up initial management strategies to prevent the behaviour from worsening.

    • A brief overview of your session and next steps.

    • A supportive, friendly team to help you.

    • The flexibility of in-person or virtual support *location dependent.

What won’t be provided by this service?

    • A complete assessment of your dog’s behaviour.

    • A behavioural modification or training programme.

    • A written report for your dog’s behavioural concerns.
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