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Welcome to the Control The Meerkat community. We are thrilled to offer a welcoming and supportive environment for you and your furry companion. Here, you will find a safe haven for you and your canine friend, especially if your furry friend is reactive or has experienced trauma. We understand the challenges that come with sharing your life with a furry friend. You are not alone, and we are here to offer a listening ear, some first aid advice, and a whole lot of inspiration!


All Community Members Get Access To

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Ebooks & Diary Trackers

Dive into 20+ ebooks and grab our informative trackers and PDFs! Expand your knowledge with our resources.

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Connect To a Community

Join our private online forum “Meerkat Social Community” for dedicated support and camaraderie. We’re here to help!

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Monthly Live Chats

Join us every month at “Meerkat Mondays” at 6pm (British Time) to ask questions and learn from a professional. See you there!

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Self Paced Courses

B.A.S.E, If in Doubt Chill Out and Dog-ter Spock. Understand how the brain affects behaviour and help your dog feel relaxed and safe.

Joining the community is the first step to understanding why your dog is behaving the way they are and what you can do about it. Unlock the power to help your dog learn how to help themselves; taking the pressure off you.

Community Monthly Subscription

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a Month
  • Automatically renews each month until you cancel the subscription
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Looking For 121 Support?

If you feel your problem is more severe dont worry! Our clinical animal behaviourists are happy to help you !! For anyone local to North West England we also have a team or awesome rehabilitation trainers ready to assist you too. 

Need Something Specific?

For those with excitable dogs, young dogs or if you just want to learn some ways to handle and understand your dog; check out our courses, ebooks and short webinars, you may find these will benefit you greatly.

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