Mentorship and Coaching

Meerkat pet professionals offer mentorship and care support to fellow animal enthusiasts.

Mentorship & Coaching

with Danielle Beck, CAB & Gemma Stephen, CAB

Helping you thrive on your behaviour journey......

Being a dog trainer and behaviourist is challenging work. Not only are you flooded with complex cases, the cost of living crisis has pushed us to a breaking point mentally. You may be finding your workload too much to handle, and the emotional weight of the dogs you’re dealing with could be too much to bear and you need to find a supportive community to suit your needs.

Or you’re a new trainer and behaviourist, and are want to get stuck into some more challenging behavioural cases, in need of practical help on your learning journey. Knowing where to start can be tricky, and the general lack of support in the industry may be putting you off from pushing yourself.

You don’t need to go through this journey alone.

Control the Meerkat is a support network for behaviourists and trainers, dedicated to providing emotional and practical help in the field of animal behaviour. You’ll join a group of thriving mentees, who receive the perfect guidance to help them on their professional journey. Our expert mentors will coach you through every problem you’re having, and provide you with in-depth emotional support on those more difficult cases.

Take back control of your professional life. Join our thriving community of pet professionals, learning from the top animal behaviourists in our field, and take your business to new heights.

Not sure where to take your career?

Looking for one off support?

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Membership Levels & What is Included:

Animal Professional

£49 a Month

Access to our resource filled community forums, filled with case studies, tips and tricks.

Our foundation course (Dogtor Spock and the Meerkat) containing eighty minutes of video tutorials on canine neuroscience, behaviour and arousal.

Free recordings of all live videos.

Once a month Q&A with Danielle Beck MSc to answer any burning questions you have about your caseload, discuss behaviour cases and more.

Entrance into our exclusive Facebook support group.

10% off individual mentoring sessions with Danielle Beck MSc.

Animal Behaviourist Mentorship

£89 a Month

Everything included in the Animal Professional Tier.

Weekly live behaviour case discussions with Danielle Beck and Gemma Stephens, our expert animal behaviourists.

Access to regular special guest lectures from renowned animal behaviourists and professionals.

20% discount on individual mentoring sessions with Danielle Beck MSc.

Ultimate Animal Behaviourist

£189 a Month

Everything included in both previous tiers.


One personalised mentorship session with Danielle Beck per month, with a 25% discount on further follow up 1-2-1 mentorship sessions.

Come and ask Danielle questions about your cases and situations and receive personalised feedback to help you decide the best course of action for yourself

Who Are We?

Danielle beck - animal behavior consultant.
A woman in a wheelchair with a dog in front of a radio telescope.
A woman with purple hair coaching a dog.

Danielle Beck


Clinical Animal Behaviourist
& Rehabilitation Trainer

Danielle Beck owns Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviour and is the founder of Control The Meerkat. Danielle has been supporting and coaching dogs and their owners since 2009!

Danielle is a professionally assessed, qualified & Insured Clinical Animal Behaviourist. She is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors and specialises in aggression and trauma. Danielle is also a Registered Animal Training Instructor and full member of PACT (Professional Association of Canine Trainers) and the Pet Professional Guild PPG.

Danielle is an enthusiastic, passionate and empathetic person and understands the turmoil of what it’s like to work in this industry and aims to create safer places for people to come together and discuss their cases. 

It’s Danielle’s goal to provide a safe place, especially for LGBTQ+, neurodivergent and disabled people. They are a huge advocate for mental health and increasing accessibility in the industry.

Danielle is a committee member of the APBC and also assesses applicants for multiple roles within the ABTC such as ATI, ABT, & CAB. Danielle is also an assessor for the new APEL route and regularly supports applicants through these assessment processes.

Gemma Stephen

BSc (hons), ABTC - CAB/ATI

Clinical Animal Behaviourist
& Rehabilitation Trainer

Gemma owns Natures Companions Dog Behaviour & Training and has been supporting and coaching dogs and their owners since 2008!

Gemma is a professionally assessed, qualified & Insured Clinical Animal Behaviourist. She is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors & on the Animal Behaviour & Training Council register as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Animal Training Instructor.

Gemma is  extremely empathetic in working with both the dogs & clients wellbeing and needs. Gemma offers understanding & support without judgement.

Gemma’s focus and empathy makes her a perfect member of our team as she supports the control the meerkat ethos to to provide safe, kind & effective training support and coaching to families and their dogs, using successful methods that are backed up by science & evidence.

Gertrude stephenson - nature companions.
Meet Tyleno's team of dogs.

Heather Taylor


Clinical Animal Behaviourist
& Rehabilitation Trainer

Heather is a Full APBC Member and CAB and currently runs Taylor’s Dogs – a training and behaviour business based in Wiltshire.

She holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour, and is also an accredited Animal Training Instructor with the ABTC.

She has a particular interest in separation cases and holds additional qualifications in this area. 
loves helping people to achieve their goals with their dogs, and is
hugely proud to be part of the Control the Meerkat team!
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