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Professional 1-2-1 CASE Support! £120 CAB’s

Case Consultations: Discuss your challenging cases and receive valuable insights to enhance your behavioural differential diagnosis, treatment plans and client communication. Understand how to critically evaluate your cases to increase your confidence in your behavioural diagnosis and treatment plans. For those looking into applications for APEL or ABTC CAB/ABT, learn how to evidence this knowledge & understanding, and their practical application ready for assessments.

Examples of support:

  • A confidential place to discuss your cases, clients, assessment processes and treatment plans to help build confidence about your practice and pathways to help build your skills.
  • Pre consultation discussion to go through the potential differentials and motivations for the behaviour being seen, critically evaluate the history and questionnaire etc. together to help rule these in / out, and create questions to gain the missing information during the consultation.
  • Post consultation discussion to go through the information gathered during the complete history and critically evaluate the evidence to support your thoughts over causes and potential behavioural diagnosis. Discuss behaviour first aid, management and treatment options to promote welfare and. address the behaviour both in the short and long term. 
  • General case and career discussion and support.

Expert Guidance: Receive personalized support from an experienced clinical animal behaviourist, with over 13 years’ experience in clinical animal behaviour and 20 years in animal training, who have a proven track record of success.

You will need to email documents like questionnaires, history etc Client and vet details MUST be anonymised for GDPR and please email all to [email protected]

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Professional 1-2-1 CAREER Support! – £50

Born from the success of our mentoring and coaching groups we’re opening up the ability for your to pick our brains and just have an informal chat about your career progression and help to ease any nerves about career progression. Don’t face your cases and career dilemmas alone. Join the countless pet professionals who have benefited from Danielle’s mentoring, coaching, and peer support.

Career Progression: Unsure about your career path? Danielle can help you navigate your options and set you on the right track. As an assessor for different organisations within the ABTC and APEL, Danielle can provide guidance and insights to help you make informed decisions and explore if this path may benefit your career.

Peer Support: Sometimes, you just need someone who understands the industry to vent and help you find the right path for you! Danielle is known in the industry for their non-judgemental and supportive spaces. Danielle aims to help increase and create more supportive and inclusive spaces within the dog training industry.

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