It’s All About Their B.A.S.E – The Secret To Rehabilitation

It's all about their Gold Project base.

The Secret?

The secret to effective rehabilitation is understanding which emotions are driving your dogs behaviour and why. The consultation enables our Clinical Animal Behaviourists to do just this! Once we understand what is driving your dogs behaviour we can help them to cope, and set them up for success!


We start by managing the environments they’re in, to prevent their Meerkat from taking over when they become too scared, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Then we help them to learn how to ‘Control The Meerkat’, through games, relaxation exercises, and teaching them alternative behaviours so they can predict and cope in the environment.

We need to avoid any situations that cause your dog stress in the short term, so they are able to start to relax. So this is where we will start. Until your dog can relax they will find it difficult to learn and utilise their new skills. Everything starts at home, they need a safe B.A.S.E. to start from. Then we can create that space with you, and you can become their safe place. Once they can ‘Control The Meerkat’ in safe environments, we can gradually start to expend this to new situations so they can relax there too. We want to make the unfamiliar, familiar. 

All things revolve around their B.A.S.E.
All about their BASE flyer.

Building their B.A.S.E

A B.A.S.E. phase 1 poster emphasizing their importance.

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Living with a reactive dog can be so hard and isolating, it’s difficult to find people who truly understand what it’s like. If you’d like more support from like minded people, where you can discuss the difficulties and successes of living with a reactive dog in a safe environment, join out community. Our supportive forums are all run and moderated by animal behaviour and training professionals; so you can be assured you’re in safe hands. 

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