Behavioural Monitoring Form

For many of us our dogs behaviour appears quite sporadic and it can be difficult to keep a record. We’ve created thie monitoring form to help us to build a diary of your dogs behaviour by logging the reactive episode they’re having. Then noting down where they’re happening and what happens before, during and after. This can help us to spot any patterns in the behaviour and anything that might be triggering their episodes that we were unaware of before.

If you happened to catch the episode on camera theres also a upload option if you would like us to look through the video and then discuss it in out private sessions messages ot catch up sessions

Behaviour Monitoring Form
e.g. 15.30/15.30 for 45 seconds,
e.g on the windowsil, on a walk on a narrow path.
e.g. They stole an item or were walking but kept looking around
e.g. I walked towards them when they had the item and they growled. Or An off lead dog ran over and my dog pulled and lunged and couldn't look away
e.g I stoped moving towards them and called them to come and get something from the kitchen and we played a game. Or We turned and walked away to increase distance until then dropped some food on the floor to help them to sniff to calm
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
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