Calm Meerkat

It Looks Like Your Dog Has A Calm Meerkat!

Congratulations, You Hit The Jackpot!

Your dogs Meerkat is rarely alert, they’re happily chilling out on your dogs collar and only hijack your dog in rare, specific circumstances. Your dog generally has great control of their emotions and can relax and respond to you in most situations. There are still some circumstances where they may need help, no dog is perfect and we are happy to help you reach those final goals.

There are Five Main Types of Meerkat That Can Hijack Your Dog

They often over react to situations and make your dog difficult to control. For Calm Meerkats, it can take a lot to wake them up, but they’re not easy to manage once in control.

Control The Meerkat Can Help!!

For Calm Meerkats we recommend starting with ‘If in Doubt; Chill Out’. This will help your dog to learn how to calm themselves down in different situations. Or you can try out our ‘Check In Challenge’ ! This helps your dog to become more responsive to you in different places. If you want to understand whats happening inside your dogs brain and why they get hijacked by the Meerkat, check out our foundation course ‘Dr Spock & The Meerkat – How the brain affects behaviour’.

Our Community Is Open And Ready To Welcome You!

We have a supportive community, a bunch of self study courses so you can go at your own pace, and qualified professionals to help you to support your dog, and their Meerkat. More is added regularly and we have lots of live conversations.

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