Catch Up Sessions

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We love keeping in touch with you and hearing about your dogs progress so we can ensure your getting support you need to make easier with your dog. It’s what our forums and groups are for!

However, sometimes it’s better to speak face to face in our catch up sessions, You can arrange in for your catch up sessions using the booking link below.


These are included in your package and are available for you to book on a pay as you go basis, once your package has been completed incase you want to keep in touch. Bronze and Gold include 2 virtual catch up sessions and Silver includes 4. All are welcome to our group sessions on the last Wednesday of each month.

If you would like to book a catch up with more than one of our team members simply email our office [email protected]

Catch Up with your Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Book With Danielle

Book With Gemma

Catch Up with your Rehabilitation Trainer

Book With Kayleigh

Book With Ellen

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