Dog Reactivity – A Virtual Course

The course is for Pet Guardians that would like to resolve their dogs’ reactivity and find harmony in the world. The course is suitable for dogs that lunge, bark, growl and snap when around triggers when in the outside world.

The course is delivered by Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviourist and reactive dog specialist.

You will receive-

– 4 week virtual support.
– Support through the course via email.
– Video and written guidance through the Control the Meerkat website.

We will help you to learn:

– The causes of reactivity
– How dogs learn and how to use positive reinforcement training
– How to speak dog,
– Management techniques and evasive maneuvers,
– How to help change your dog’s emotions
– Coping skills for you and your dog.

 Dogs start and progress together throughout the four sessions. Over the course you will learn the handling and training skills required to positively deal with the challenges associated with owning a reactive dog.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 21 Topics
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