Enjoy our ALL our E-Books !

We have a selection of ebooks to help you with many of the principles and foundation exercises that will help you on your journey. Download them here, and print as many as you like. 

These are only available to our consultation and rehabilitation clients.


B.A.S.E. (Bonding, Advocate, Support, and empathise) through our 4 step program. Remember it’s all about their B.A.S.E. the stronger it is, the faster we can help your dog. Our BASE ebooks contain the planners and advice to help you keep track of your progress but to explain to basics of Safety, Relaxation, Confidence and Foundation exercises. Without the Basics the rest will not be successful.

What is a Meerkat and How does it Hijack your dog and change their behaviour.
B.A.S.E Safety E-Book
B.A.S.E Relaxation E-Book
B.A.S.E Confidence E-Book
B.A.S.E Foundation Skills E-Book

Control The Meerkat Foundations

More details on some of the foundation skills than encourage a solid foundation in your behaviour therapy.

If in Doubt Chill Out E- Book
Auto Check In E-Book
Take a Deep Breath E-Book
Foundation Skills E-Book

Control the Meerkat Self Regulation

What is impulse/self control and frustration tolerance E-Book
Intro to Self Control E-Book
Intro to frustration tolerance E-Book
Mousey Mousey E-Book
Can’t Get It Wrong E-Book
Wreck It E-Book

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