Ellen's foot pad dog training centre.
A woman holding a black and white puppy.
Control the meerkat.

In person or virtual rehabilitation sessions can be booked below, they are 60 minute session

Rehabilitation sessions

Rehabilitation sessions can be in person or virtual and are to help you implement the more practical side of rehabilitation. These sessions allow us to help you progress with your training and we can set up each session in different environments, with or without stooge dogs and/or people. All sessions are tailored to the needs of you and your dog. 

Your first in person rehabilitation session with Ellen will always be at one of Ellen’s venues in the Halifax area, which will be confirmed after booking or email Beth in our on [email protected] and she will give you the details prior to you booking and can book you in manually. This is so we can assess your dog safely and teach you the skills without public distractions. Follow on sessions will vary by location and Ellen will discuss these with you before your next session.

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