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Erika is a provisional CAB and runs No Stress Pet Solutions (, her behaviour and training business.  She has joined the team and will be taking her full APBC assessment in September.

Erika is a compassionate and empathic trainer.  She has a particular interest in working with nervous or reactive dogs, and loves helping you rebuild your relationship with your best friend. 

Working as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Erika saw first hand how many pets struggled with a stressful time during veterinary visits.  She developed a passion for practicing and promoting low stress veterinary practice and now provides training for the veterinary team in techniques that can help reduce stress in their patients. 
Erika is a Provisional member of the

Association of Animal Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). This means that Erika has achieved the appropriate level of knowledge and understanding for the professional role of Clinical Animal Behaviourist, and is now gaining the practical experience necessary to be assessed as a full CAB.

Erika is very proud to now also be part of the amazing team at Control
The Meerkat.

Book Your Initial Online Session and Package with Erika Below. If you live outside of Manchester, Preston, Grimsby and Halifax UK we recommend the Bronze Package as all sessions are held online. Please do not let that put you off. You get just as much support and face to face time – just virtually.

Consultation Downloads

After you book an appointment and to ensure we can gather as much information about your dog as possible to make the consultation process and rehabilitation successful we will need you to fill out these documents:

Please download these forms and email them to us at [email protected] at least 48 hours before your consultation.

*Please note no consultation can go ahead without these completed forms*

Payments can be made via Stripe. If you want to pay via BACS Bank Transfer (you need to pay the bank transfer within 48 hours of making the booking or the appointment can be cancelled) or Insurance please contact the office before booking.

 48 hours before your initial consultation a completed Vet Referral form and Questionnaire is required to be emailed to us.

Let’s get your consultation booked in. Please Contact [email protected] to discuss our process.

Consultations can be booked only with our Clinical Animal Behaviourists. You will then also be assigned one of our awesome rehabilitation trainers who can assist you with the practical side of things during follow up and group sessions where required.

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