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At Control The Meerkat we pride ourselves on offering you the support you need with your dog. Although we have an extensive range of virtual support, courses and instructional videos, sometimes you really need that in person support and coaching to help you. For those on our silver and gold packages we can give you that in person support through our wonderful rehabilitation trainers!

Currently, rehabilitation sessions are a mixture of virtual or in person sessions. During these sessions we will coach and guide you through the exercises or you can take your phone or tablet on a walk and we can be the voice in your ear coaching you along. Sometimes we do both with a behaviourist on a video call and a rehabilitation trainer in person! For In person rehabilitation sessions please email [email protected] and we will see if there is a rehabilitation trainer in your area to assist you, if we don’t have a team member local to you, we will do our best to find a local trainer in your area to help support you. If you know your rehabilitation trainer you can book direct with them below. If you require Danielle, Gemma or Emma to be there virtually or in person please contact the office [email protected] and they will arrange the session.

If you are on our SILVER or GOLD packages you can exchange one of your 1-2-1 rehabilitation sessions for 3x group rehabilitation sessions, if your dog meets our criteria.

Rehabilitation 1-2-1 Sessions

Book With Our Fab Rehabilitation Trainers !

Book With Kayleigh- Selected Dates Only

Book With Ellen

Book With Josie -email office for dates

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