Control The Meerkat – Consultation; Lead Reactivity (6 months)

Reactive Dog Rehabilitation Program

Welcome to your dogs rehabilitation program!!!

Now that you have completed your consultation and we understand the emotional drive behind your dogs behaviour we can now start to put things in place to help your dog to #ControlTheMeerkat.  

This course is designed to help all lead reactive dogs to learn how to manage themselves and make everyones life that bit easier. You will also have access to your own personalised rehabilitation progress platform, where I have added extra parts of the plan that are tailored to yourselves and your dogs individual situation. We can use the progress platform to set goals, keep a diary and stay in touch throughout your dogs rehabilitation. Here we can review your progress and talk privately about your own dog and I’m happy to answer questions between sessions there. You’ll find resources within the site to help you to keep notes and track your progress, as you work through the plan. During the initial stages if you find that things are getting worse please halt the program and contact me via email or telephone to discuss the situation. 

When you enter the course by clicking the welcome button below you will be taken through the course, it is set out month by month, with feedback sections so we can ensure the plan is going in the right direction. At the top of each page on the right is a purple box you can click which allows you to make notes where asked, which you can download and share with your family or on our rehabilitation management platform.

I wish you the best with your rehabilitation and together we can help make those walks easier.


Lets Start to make life with your dog easier

Welcome to the revolutionary approach to behaviour modification

Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviourist; BSc (hons), PGDip, MSc

Learn how to effectively manage situations, handle, and train your dog

You now have access to an every expanding collection of learning material to ensure you understand why your dog is active the way they are and what you can do to help them 🙂

Danielle Beck has been working with and studying reactive dogs for over a decade and can’t wait to help to guide you on your rehabilitation journey

Join the community and get involved. Danielle wanted to create a safe place for her clients to feel better supported and to be able to meet others who are in similar boats so you can share experiences and support each other through your rehabilitation journey with your dog

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Course Includes

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  • 29 Topics
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