Stop The Dog Course


This is an online self study course, with options to upload your own video progress for review. You will also have access to the ‘If In Doubt: Chill Out’ Private forum where you can meet others who are trying out the course and talk directly with Danielle and her team.



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This is a quick and easy way to teach your dog to stop when they’re moving. This is great for stopping your dog from running and jumping up on your visitors, interrupting behaviours, or linking to a send to a recall or send to bed. It’s really useful for stopping them and redirecting them to a different task. You can use it in emergency situations where they’re running towards danger or away from danger. You can even use it just for fun, to see how accurate you can really make it.

  • 4 instructional videos with closed captions, and txt outlining the exercises on each page
  • Downloadable E-Book describing each of the steps in the videos

Good luck with your training!

Danielle Beck, BSc (hons), PGDip, MSc Founder of Control the Meerkat​


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