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A cartoon meerkat guarding a wall.

Welcome to #ControlTheMeerkat where you can learn how to ‘help your dog to help themselves’. This is a safe place for all who want to understand more about why their dogs behave the way they do and what they can do to help them.

We can also help with; Separation Related Issues, Resource Guarding, Lead Aggression, Trauma and much more…..

Do You Feel:

  • Lost and not sure what’s best for your or your dog.
  • Scared of your dog.
  • Unsure of what to do next.
  • Worried about yours, your family, or public safety.
  • Like walking is a chore and not a joy.
  • As though you’re walking on egg shells with your dog.
  • Feel as though you’ve tried everything ?

Our Clinical Animal Behaviourist are ready to help you with your dog.

Unsure of what you need? You can fill in our contact form or contact Beth on 07449 038484 or email [email protected]

What Does A Meerkat Have To Do With
Dog Training And Behaviour?

The Meerkat is an analogy developed by Danielle Beck, MSc, to help caregivers to understand how the brain affects your dogs behaviour. Often our dogs react so quickly we lose control, they’re like a different dog and the treats just dont work. This emotional highjacking we refer to as ‘The Meerkat’ and we can show you how to ‘Control The Meerkat’ so you can train your dog.

A cartoon meerkat featured on the Control The Meerkat Home Page.
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Living with a reactive dog can be so hard and isolating, it’s difficult to find people who truly understand what it’s like. Here you will find like minded people to talk to where you can discuss living with a reactive dog in a safe environment with your peers, and it’s all run and moderated by animal behaviour and training professionals; so you can be assured you’re in safe hands. These forums are exclusive to members and those who have bought one of our courses or purchased a private consultation with Danielle. There’s even a private forum for Danielle’s behaviour clients only. Here you can discuss your progress with others who are also going through the rehabilitation process with Danielle too.

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