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Hello Team! You'll find links to all the resources you need here ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Client Projects/Rehab Diaries – These are automatically created once the client signs up. These need updating within 72 hours of you seeing the client.
  2. Team Group Notes – The CAB will start a discussion thread here for each client within 1 week of the consultation – Rehab trainers will be tagged please add safety notes and things to be aware of here.
  3. Team Updates – Please let your CAB/Rehab know when catchup/rehab sessions are booked and update your CAB/Rehab with progress after each session.ย 
  4. It’s vital that we have records to show CABs overseeing the progress of treatment plans for our insurance and to ensure things are heading in the right direction.

Click on the buttons below to access your resources

Client Projects / Diaries

Press on "view Project" for the project you need. To add details click on Edit Project in the top right hand corner.
You can provide an overview of the session for the client and assign their tasks here. You can check in on their progress too and talk as a group with the client here too.

Team Private Group

This is a private group for our team only. This is where you can keep in touch with other team members and share progress reports and concerns.

Private Message with Clients

This is an email service through the site that allows you to keep track of meerkat clients. You can start the session with the client to check on them and their progress by clicking start session.

Client Spreadsheet

This is the master spreadsheet that is maintained by the office so we can keep track of sessions. You can view clients information here too AMELIA appointment booking will soon be restricting clients so they can only book what they are owed and we will let you know when this is active. If you're unsure how many sessions your client has just ask Beth - The master of all knowledge or Sam - The master of all tech

Join Our Affiliate Program

If you sign up as an affiliate you can make some extra cash if you refer you clients to our resources and they join the community ๐Ÿ™‚

Mentee Resources

All team members get free access to the mentee chats and the recorded sessions as a thank you for your hard work

Learning Empawrium

You can view everything in the learning empawrium and our client resources here. Please familiarise yourself with the content so you can help direct our clients

How To Videos

Hi. Any requests of How TO" on the website I will keep a list here.

Report Templates

To help keep things in line for the insurance if everyone can use the report template then we can copy from there to the project and the clients can have the document and the project. Below is the word document templates for client reports and vet report briefs. You can replace one of the top meerkat logos with your own ๐Ÿ™‚

Access to learndash board – If you would like to collaborate or create a course for our resources you can do it here and share it on your site too, just ask, the more the merrier

Access to AMELIA bookings Appointments and Profile BELOW: – Track your appointments and clients here

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