Before and After Professional 1-2-1 case support





Professional 1-2-1 CASE Support! before and after £200 CAB’s SAVE £40


Case Consultations: Discuss your challenging cases and receive valuable insights to enhance your behavioural differential diagnosis, treatment plans and client communication.


Expert Guidance: Receive personalised support from an experienced clinical animal behaviourist, with over 13 years’ experience in clinical animal behaviour and 20 years in animal training, who have a proven track record of success.


Schedule both your 1-2-1 CASE Support sessions  NOW


Unlock your potential, gain confidence, and elevate your career in animal behavior with our expert guidance. Your success is just a consultation away!


On Purchase We need you to email in questionnaires, history, Client and vet details and they MUST be anonymised for GDPR to [email protected]. Please book a time before and after your consult to gain the full benefit of this service.