HANDLER SPACE Practical Skills for Professionals 1 day Workshop in Atherton, Manchester 25th June 2022


This is a one day event looking just at the practical skills on the 25th of June at the Atherton Scout Hut, Leigh Rd, Atherton, Manchester M46 0BE. Please email us if you have any needs that require us to make adjustmnets so you can fully participate in this event along with any dietary requirements.

More about the event:
Enhancing handler knowledge for dogs with problematic behaviours and practical skills to support owners with dogs that display problematic behaviours.
Bridging the gap between trainers and behaviourists. To enable trainers with an interest of rehabilitating dogs with behavioural problems to learn enhance theoretical knowledge and handling skills.

We’ll be discussing popular training techniques and theories and breaking them down into
what they are, how they affect the animal and how to utilises them for rehabilitation.
How to teach these exercises to our dogs and how we can vary them to suit the emotional
needs of the individual.

How to recognise and evaluate the behavioural states of the individuals within the class,
taking into account their ethology, genetics, and behavioural states such as fearful, nervous,
aggressive / controlling, frustrated, threat-reduction, play and relaxation and identify
situations where further action may be necessary.

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