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Let me introduce you to the ‘Power Of The Pattern’ and how these simple exercises can help to build predictability, boost confidence in your assistance dog, and enhance your public access skills.

Each week you will learn new patterns, how to teach them and how to apply them in different situations to really strengthen your communication as a team, regardless of the distraction. We even cover how these exercises can be used to help your dog calm down if they do react in public to ensure you know how to handle things together. Let’s help make the unfamiliar, familiar through predictable patterns games that you can use anywhere!

Pattern games help your dog to regulate themselves by ‘controlling their meerkat’ and focusing on you!

A dog in a wheelchair looking at the ocean.

Join our 7 week focused and fabulous ONLINE training course

Starts Wednesday 21st February 6-7pm for 7 weeks, ends Wednesday 3rd April 2024, will be recorded. A private fb group will be created to showcase your training videos in between sessions.

Handler spots (limited number) – £70  –

Spectator £30

MAD club members get 25% off!

Pattern Games covered are (order subject to change)

Week 1


  • Default Behaviour
  • up/down
  • Ping/Pong
  • Mat work

 Week 2


  • Take A Breath
  • Down for the count
  • 2 steps pattern
  • Whiplash turns

Week 3

  • Take A Breath – breathing game – adding a cue
  • Off-switch game with Default Behaviour and Take A Breath
  • Superbowls

Week 4

  • Reorientating at crate / doorways – support for public doorways
  • Mat work duration – Lets get them down for longer
  • LAT!

Week 5

  • 123 game – waiting & walking pattern
  • GMAB with chair (need a chair or wheelchair)
  • Checking in with Take A Breath

 Week 6

  • Chin rest – husbandry
  • Start/stop buttons

Week 7

  • Enhancing the pattern and bringing them together

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