Pain and Behaviour – Spock’s Story (RECORDED online webinar)


Spock is a 17 month old Miniature American Shepherd who lives with Clinical Animal behaviourist, Danielle Beck, MSc. Spock was diagnosed with luxating patellas at 8 months of age, and had surgery on both knees before he was 1, which required a total of 10 week’s rest without ‘real’ walks.

Now 5 months post surgery Spock is wary of strangers, especially men. He loved everyone prior to his second surgery, but is this due to a conditioned response due to a memory? Existing pain? The anticipation of pain? Lack of exposure to people during adolescence? AND what can we do about it to help support Spock and other dogs like him going forward?

Join Danielle for this informal webinar about how to manage pain in dogs, signs to look out for, and what you can do to help them overcome that anticipation of pain; even when there’s non present.

This is suitable for all dog owners, trainers, behaviourists, and vets and anyone else who wants to learn more about the link between pain and behaviour from the perspective of a Spock and his caregiver Danielle.

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