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Deep breathing is a great way to help regulate our emotions whenever we feel overwhelmed. Many of us have heard the advice “just breathe” or “Take a deep breath”, when people are panicked, frustrated, or overwhelmed. This is because deep breathing activates the part of our brain and nervous system that enables us to calm down, relax, and Control The Meerkat; allowing us to think more clearly. This is also true for our dogs!

In this E-Book learn how to teach your dog to ‘take a deep breath’ so you can help them start to self regulate when they get overwhelmed, excited, or stressed.

Hello there! My name is Danielle and I’d like to welcome you toTake A Deep Breath; part of the Control The Meerkat collection. We all know that life happens and it’s not all fairies and puppy tails; despite our best effort! Therefore, I’ve created ‘Control the meerkat’ to help YOU to understand YOUR DOG and learn all about what you can do to help them to cope, when life happens!

‘Take A Deep Breath’ is one of 4 foundation steps to helping your dog learn how to start to regulate their emotions. That’s what Control The Meerkat is all about; we show you how to help your dogs, help themselves. It’s not about obedience and telling them what to do; it’s about teaching them the skills they need to manage themselves. By doing this our dogs learn how to regulate their own emotions and calm themselves when they feel excited, frustrated, scared, or overwhelmed. This is where we begin.

Self regulation’ is a technique i’ve used for years to help dogs to cope with their emotions rather than relying on us to tell them what to do. This may work for some dogs, though the fallout can be when not told in time they struggle and react. This helps them to become well behaved as they can control their own meerkat and make decisions for themselves making your life with your dog easier!’

Good luck with your training!

Danielle Beck, BSc (hons), PGDip, MSc

Clinical Animal Behaviourists & Rehabilitation Trainer

Founder of Control the Meerkat


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